Naufar's Clinical Programme

Naufar is a medically-led wellness service, providing specialist out-patient and residential care for addictive disorders, and services for chronic pain (musculoskeletal, non-cancer origin). Naufar also addresses comorbid conditions, supporting the treatment of common mental health issues and metabolic syndrome. The hospital operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Public Health in Qatar. We offer a Guest client-centred model, informed by the Guest client’s goals of immediate supportive care, plus their short- and long-term lifestyle goals. Naufar’s focus on medically-led wellness is supported by evidence-based clinical models, which are guided by highly regarded scientific research. The Guest client’s care journey is directed continually towards health and evolving wellness. Cravings are countered with cognitive therapies, behavioural therapies, and/or medications. Upon completion of the initial treatment programme, Naufar will work closely with our Guest clients to fit their specific needs. In an ongoing process, Naufar evaluates and quantifies the effectiveness of mutually agreed short and long-term care, clinical outcomes and the Guest client’s views of the care they are receiving, including how they rate their progress towards health and evolving wellbeing.

Naufar's CMO

Qualified applicants sought for exceptional career opportunities in treatment of addictive disorders, chronic pain, and co-occurring common mental health and metabolic problems. 

Naufar is a new wellness programme dedicated to the improvement of health and wellbeing in individuals as they initiate and maintain sobriety, progress into improved function and decreased chronic pain, and improve their overall physical and mental health. We are looking to add to our multidisciplinary team representing a broad array of professions from the healthcare field. A primary goal is to bring in the best of Arabic and non-Arabic speaking professionals to help us build a programme dedicated to the wellness of our Guest Clients - all complimented by a hospitality mindset.

We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of evidence-based clinical care in Qatar and the Arabian Gulf – treatment delivered through evidence-based care informed by translational neurobiological and clinical outcomes research. Those of us who are fortunate to already be at Naufar are looking forward to having you join us.



Prof Steven Eickelberg, MD
Chief Medical Officer